“Attention Community Members: (Posted November 5th, 2019)

Due to the fires in Southern California a lot of power and gas companies are behind on inspections by more than 8 weeks and some flat out refusing those services at this time.  Because of this, projects are on hold till further notice, we are very sorry for the inconvenience, more specifically to customers hoping to get their solar turned on before the end of the year.  We have hopes to take on more large projects as soon as this situation is rectified, It is our understanding that it won’t happen till after the first of the year and could be several months.  If you were hoping to work with us and have a project that doesn’t include, electrical, solar/roof, geothermal, gas related and/or requiring permits and utility company sign off give us a call!  Our Commercial Maintenance Department should stay open for contracts. #CaliforniaStrong

In the mean time you can find us supporting our community in this time of need, should you have an event you want our help with, or any questions concerning a project call us or email us. 

805-626-0315           “


We have many options here at Renewal Revolution, the true “one stop shop” our community needs.


Commercial Maintenance




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