Chief of Operations & International Project Management

About Randall:

Randall started building fresh out of high school in 1977, he loved working with his hands so much he got his general contractors license in 1981. He went on to build celebrity homes in the hills of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and acquired extensive experience in building tract homes, commercial buildings, apartments, mixed industrial, malls and shopping centers, farm structures, and barndominiums.  Randall has a deep heart for the lost and those in need, over the years he and his wife have devoted their lives to lighten the burdens of those in poverty and strife.  He extended his heart beyond the U.S. borders in 1989 spreading love and hope while building schools, a center for the blind, churches and homes in multiple countries.  The outreach life was so fulfilling for Randall and his family that they moved to Russia in 1993 and began creating a safe space for the oppressed citizens of Saint Petersburg.  They helped the homeless, the addicted, the orphans and the battered for 25 years.  He established a non-profit that created programs, built schools and safe spaces for all that were in need.  One program in particular was a built eco-friendly barn and farm for orphaned youth to go and hang out, fill their bellies, learn to grow their own food, raise and care for farm animals, as well as create and cultivate lasting relationships and much needed social skills with lots of love.  Randall, his wife Kimberly and their 5 sons moved back to the states in 2019 and settled in Colorado where they volunteer at his brothers church, build pole barns, barndominiums, and other sustainable structures.  They travel regularly to their 20 acre property in Zambia Africa to bring clean water, clean electricity, build a sustainable village and school complete with programs and curriculum to offer the best education to the children in the area!  Randall has no plans to slow down, improving the quality of life through faithful and loving servitude, raising the standard of social stewardship and providing green, healthy, safe structures to everyone around him.  He is quite the heavy hitter on our team and brings so much insight to the heart of many matters leaving us ripped open to bear our souls along side our community and global neighbors, with the integrity to work as one, creating solutions to world crises.  Randall is the epitome of  “no color lines”, sharing love across boarders, and reaching beyond language barriers to make a lasting impact.




Phone: 719-297-1208