Give Back

One of the foundational goals of Renewal Revolution is to give back – to individuals, to our communities, and to our world.  We believe that giving back is not accomplished by merely providing finances, but by actually putting boots on the ground and spearheading outreach in our own neighborhood and in our world that creates lasting change.  Our plan is not to be the center of our story, but to motivate and organize with local schools, businesses, churches and volunteer groups to give back to our own community first – to address the pressing social issues in our own back yard – then to our state, nation, and into the world.

Our vision is enormously exciting!  Currently many of our programs are in the developmental phase, but we are already making contacts and formulating plans to set this vision in motion.  It involves:


JOIN US and Be a part of our goal to meet physical needs, shift mindsets – bridge gaps, resolve issues, and impact society with real and lasting positive change.

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