Job Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in our cause, at this time we are not hiring but we will gladly accept resumes and follow up when the time comes to bring on more team players.  

SALES: We have had a lot of questions regarding a sales team.  We are in the process of creating a sales curriculum and training program, as soon as we are ready to launch we will contact those sales minded resumes for interview, as well as place an ad in local job search platforms.  Thank you for your inquiry and desire to make the world a better place with us.  Should you have potential customers you would like to refer, please check out our referral program.  In the event that referrals become a regular occurrence: We will assess the intention of the referee and make certain that an individual is not acting as outside sales personnel (or independent contractor).   Anything beyond referring customers without proper employment is strictly prohibited; selling, promising products/services, or acting as an employee of Renewal Revolution will result in legal ramifications. 

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