Our Story

Renewal Revolution is a General Contracting/Construction Social enterprise serving a triple bottomline (People, Planet, Profit), we are working towards B corporation status gifting one free average sized project for every four completed.  With plans to work closely with the community and several non-profits to ensure that we are not just helpers of our neighbors but a Catalyst for Change.  We pride ourselves in seeking out collaborative projects with other local business in an effort to aid in stimulating the economy right here at home.  Renewal helps give back both locally and abroad providing any and all types of residential home and land additions or upgrades and any commercial needs while offering an affordable sustainable-green approach, serving the goals of our clients efficiently is one of our main objectives. We are knowledgeable in many different building materials from standard to recycled/green materials, Eco-Wise, multiple renewable energy options, and agricultural design for optimal sustainability.

Renewal Revolution is the only construction/renewable energy company doing what we are doing.  We are woman owned and empowered which is very rare for the solar and construction communities.  We see a need and we fill it, we look for efficient sustainable solutions that reach multiple social and personal issues.  Our purpose driven intent is to incorporate our desire for social responsibility in such a way that we help our community on every level of the “basic needs” spectrum for all walks of life; working to prevent poverty and assist in the creation of a society of individuals with all the tools to become “self-actualized”.

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