Initial consultation: (30 minutes) over the phone or via email is FREE.

Meet and greet: Understanding the type of project and the scope of work:

  1. For smaller projects consisting of basic renovations, site walk, measurements, owner permitting with bid. – $150.
  2. Long term consulting in one or all of these parts; ground phase, design, permitting, team building, construction and/or project management. Meet and greet in person discussion walk the site, scope of work, who the moving players are, expectations, bids. – $150

Project Price List:

  1. Small Project Weekly Meetings *This is Required* (Discussing Progress, Issues, Budget) $150/Meeting
  2. Large Projects Flat Hourly Rate (Covers all of the above including footwork and correspondences needed to obtain project progress in one or all phases for which we are hired) $150/Hr *Optional retainer price per phase or biweekly invoice billing.*

More in depth PDF of consulting expense breakdown will be provided upon confirmation of Project Collaboration.

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