Our Founder & CEO

About Amanda:

Known for being a jack-of-all-trades and a multi-faceted, out of the box thinker; Amanda has come from a humble background and at one point homelessness.  To pursue her desire for knowledge and to seek answers to the harder questions in life, Amanda has earned multiple degrees and extensive experience as a Nurse, Executive Medical Coordinator, Teacher, Marketing Coordinator, Solar Consultant, Solar Designer and Construction Project Manager. Amanda had plans to run multiple social businesses and bridge gaps in society to create a whole healthy community.  She began the growth of Renewal Revolution during her second year of pre-med studies when she decided she wanted to open a wellness center that treated individuals as a whole and not just a symptom, this clinic would be a social business model and as such would treat everyone, regardless of insurance or income.  She later felt the need to not only give back to her community and the planet but to run outreaches in other countries.  After getting into the solar field on a whim and then building contracting with solar, she realized if she wanted to see her dreams to fruition she had to “be” her goals on every level.  Renewal Revolution was designed so she could cut out the middle man and take control of her vision with full understanding enabling her to manage any project, anywhere, efficiently whilst being a light to those around her.  Amanda’s main motivation comes from her husband, 2 children, extended family and friends for whom she wants to make the world worth living!



Email: AmandaMartin@RenewalRevolution.com

Phone: 805-626-0315

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