Corporate Secretary & Director of Project Management


About Mark:

Mark has served his community for over 30 years through a broad diversity of skills and applicable knowledge.  He is a general contractor and long time business owner with a heart for youth and for individuals with socio-economic disadvantages.  Volunteering his time to multiple councils in Ventura and Los Angeles counties, and outreach events that target issues in the community that build measurable solutions with innovative efficiency.  His background consists of Law enforcement, the education system, military, large scale agriculture, construction and business management.  Mark is currently a partner in our rare, cutting edge social enterprise.  He jumped at the chance to be apart of our tribe with the opportunity to offer all green building and renewable options while harnessing social responsibility.   Most importantly Mark strives to be a leader and teacher in building standards and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life through sustainability. He looks forward to serving and teaching the community the benefits and ease of building green!



Phone: 805-626-0918



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